hometitle_vt Vibrational Medicine and Energy Medicine, is based on the scientific principles that all matter vibrates to a precise frequency and that by using resonant vibration, balance of matter can be restored … more hightlights home_title_suryayoge Capture the Miracle Healing Powers of the Sun This ancient, advanced, yet simple to do techniquedraws the curative … more hometitle_ot Ozone Therapy is not a new therapy. It is invented by Germans and is practiced in Germany for over 100 years. Germany, Italy, France, Russia are the European nations where … more home_title_agni For Physical, Mental & Spiritual Development AGNIHOTRA is practical, result oriented scientific practice. You will agree that the method is very simple, the ingredients are easily obtainable… more bookimg hometitle_pleq PLAQUEX THERAPY The New Non-surgical Swiss Treatment Protocol for Angina Pectoris Sufferers and arterial blockages … more home_title_vibhu All earthly objects, animate and inanimate, living cells, tissues, organs and other human parts have their own characteristic frequency of vibration in health … more home_title_inqdes Treatments available for Cancer, Arthritis,and many more so called Incurable Diseases. Candidates for BY-PASS surgery or ANGIOPLASTY will no Longer require surgeries after obtaining these under described therapies. more