Pot to be used of a specific shape and size

Pot to be used of a specific shape and size

The Pyramids of Egypt built thousands of years ago are one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Pyramid is like somebody has kept the Agnihotra pot upside down or it can be said that the Agnihotra pot is the Pyramid kept upside down.

More convincingly, however, the thought appeals to the mind that pyramids were built keeping in view the upside down shape of the Agnihotra pot incorporated with scientific wisdom for fire-worship which began alongwith Creation. The proof of this lies in the word ‘Pyramid’ itself. The Greek language words ‘Pyr’ (meaning ‘fire’) and ‘amid’ (meaning ‘centre’) together make the complete word ‘Pyramid’ which obviously means ‘such shape in the centre of which fire dwells.’

The book ‘Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain’ describes in details the sustaining effects of ‘Pyramid’ shape. According to the book electro-magnetic forces are present inside the Pyramid. These forces prevent any object kept inside from decomposing. According to the scientists of NASA the Pyramid energy will prove to be more revolutionary than the solar energy.

The electro-magnetic powers entering the pyramid shape preserves eatables, raw milk etc. kept inside for many days without their becoming stale. A dead body kept inside this shape does not get decomposed neither it stinks.

According to the book (‘Psychic Discoveries Behind The Iron Curtain’) one of the secrets of the pyramid is the shape. The shape generates energy. The Czech’s are of the view that the pyramid is a cosmic generator. The authors have quoted a keen researcher, Keral Drbal of Czechoslovakia who has carried out several experiments with miniature pyramids. Drbal observed that there is a relation between the shape inside the pyramid and the physical, chemical and biological processes going on inside that space. He thinks that the shape of the pyramid itself accumulates electromagnetic waves or cosmic waves or some other energy waves. The energy accumulating inside the pyramid might be the basis of the effect the pyramid had on physical, chemical and biological processes. He further says that the pyramid shape has a very good, healthy effect for humans. Some researchers are of the belief that hospitals built in this form (shape) could help in patients recovering faster. It is also believed that mentally disturbed psychic patients experience an exceptionally tranquil feeling inside buildings of pyramid shape. People who have tested the use of pyramid shaped hats say they relieve headaches. But behind all this information there are still questions that intrigue the scientists. They are still probing as to what exactly is going on under the pyramid.

The book also mentions that after working on a million dollar project for more than a year (to X-ray the pyramid at Gizeh near Cairo with all the latest space-age electronic equipment that ran round the clock recording on magnetic tape the patterns of cosmic rays reaching the interior of the pyramid) its in-charge Dr. Amr Gohed reported to The Times of London that ‘the scientists had reached an impasse. Whatever was happening in the pyramid defies all the known laws of science and electronics.’ He further confessed that ‘there is some force that defies the laws of science at work in the pyramid.’

In pyramid shape electro-magnetic forces get accumulated and they protect the objects or things kept inside it. In the Agnihotra pot the same forces decentralise the energies that are generated in the outer space and spread them in its surrounding atmosphere. It can, therefore, well be imagined what unusual results in purification of the atmosphere could be obtained with the performance of Agnihotra in the pyramid shaped pot. The offerings of the prescribed ingredients to the fire in this pot accompanied by the chanting of the mantras create vibrations of certain frequencies at the definite transitional timings which are decidedly and exceptionally beneficial.

Usually it is more advantageous if the pot is of copper. You know well that copper is the best conductor of electricity. According to a Yugoslavian scientist molecules of various types of metals are of different shapes but the molecules of copper metal are exactly like that of the pyramid shape. This observation itself denotes that the copper metal is for Agnihotra pot.

The Agnihotra pot is of a specific size and shape. Its dimensions are 14.5 x 14.5 cms. at the top 5.25 x 5.25 cms. at the bottom and 6.5 cms. in height. Towards the height there are three uniformly sized levels (or chambers). From each level (chamber) the rising pot’s height and breadth has increased proportionately to reach the specified dimensions. The Vedas have prescribed various Yagnyas (sacrifices) starting from Agnihotra to Ashwamedha Yagnya, the ultimate in Yagnyas. For every Yagnya pots or altars of various shapes and sizes are prescribed. Similarly, the mantras, the time, the ingredients for oblations etc. are also different. Accordingly, for daily Agnihotra the pot of the above size and shape is prescribed. In the practice of daily Agnihotra the copper metal of the pot acts as a catalyst and hence the suggestion to use the pot of this metal. However, if the copper pot is not available due to some reason Agnihotra can be performed in a pot of the same shape made of clay.

The Agnihotra pot with its gifted power comes in direct contact with the energies emanating from the rising or setting Sun and varying phases of the Moon. Whether it is day or night the pot comes in contact with the flow of all planetary energies coming from the direction of space. The Agnihotra pot is considered a receiver of these energies. This is the reason it was observed that at certain intervals bursts of energy emanate from this pot. Its power hauls in the nutritional elements from the outer space and spreads it in the atmosphere of the house. Slowly the surroundings of the place where Agnihotra was performed is cleansed of the poisonous pollutants and a pleasing fragrance is filled in the atmosphere. The power of the Agnihotra pyramid increases multifold as soon as it comes in direct contact with the Agnihotra fire.