Utterance of the mantras

Utterance of the mantras

Some words possess the power of creativity. On accepting this fact we are lead to believe the all powerfulness of the Vedas which are the original words and have come into existence bearing the power of creativity as they came. This is the mantra phenomena. Words of the Vedas are, therefore, recognized and revered as mantras. (First there was Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God).

In the present day technologically advanced world there are instruments which can graphically draw patterns (forms) of sound waves created by combination of certain words. We already know that sound has a sure effect on the growth of plants, animals etc. (like cows giving more milk and so on).

The mantra forming the alphabetical system, the words or the cluster of words are bestowed with divine power and made eternal by the most ancient sages by virtue of their rigorous penances. These sages have themselves seen the revelations made by the Supreme Power, the Vedas as breathed out by the Absolute Truth. This is the reason behind the power present in the mantras.

The words are of two types – ‘constant’ words and ‘material’ words. Words which are creating vibrations of a regular (constant) nature are known as ‘constant’ words. Those words which vanish in oblivion immediately after the result of the work is achieved or from which the vibrations that are created are of temporary (irregular) nature such words are known as ‘material’ words. The words of the Vedas are of ‘constant’ nature and, therefore, the power that was experienced as bestowed in them thousands of years ago is still present and will remain present in future also. Such ‘constant’ and powerful words are known as mantras.

Vedas are in Sanskrit which, obviously, is the mother of all languages. In all the other languages words from Sanskrit can be found but words of no other language can be found in Sanskrit. In this language (Sanskrit) specific words create specific sounds which ultimately create a specific effect on the atmosphere. If the word is changed the sound will be different and so will be the effect. Even if there are two words of the same meaning the vibrations created by them will be of different nature and their effects too will be different. Similarly, two words of the same meaning cannot be used in place of each other. For example ‘Agnaye Svaha’ cannot be replaced by ‘Pavakaya Svaha.’ Thus it will be clear that Agnihotra mantras (which are divinely original) cannot be uttered in any other language duly translated nor can be replaced by any other mantra.

The words ‘Angi’, ‘Surya’, ‘Prajapati’ in the Agnihotra mantra denote the Supreme Being and highlight the divine qualities of the Almighty. The meaning of the mantra is: ‘I am offering the oblation to Agni, Surya or Prajapati. This now belongs to Agni, Surya or Prajapati. It is no more nine.’ Though the meaning of all the three words is similar the vibration they create has varied effect on the body, mind and Prana.

It has already been stated earlier that the Agnihotra mantra is the essence of the music or the quintessential sound of the torrent of life sustaining energies emanating from the Sun. Agnihotra mantra uttered at the exact time results in the purification of the atmosphere. It this mantra is translated and uttered in any other language its purifying power cannot be experienced. Uttering of these mantras produce vibrations of Sound and Varna.

The word ‘Varna’ has two meanings – Sound and Colour. Vibrations create energy (power). The scientists today agree that the planet earth has come into existence as a result of vibrational activity. As for sound, the scientists are aware of the good or bad effect of sound vibrations. For example, playing of music encourages the cow to deliver increased amount of milk, the growth rate of plants and trees increases. While crossing a bridge the soldiers are advised to march with an unorderly and unrhythmic step because there are instances when bridges have collapsed due to vibrations produced by rhythmic or orderly march.

Melodious musical sound causes beneficial effect on the body and mind. Nowadays ultrasonic sound waves are also used in measuring the depth of oceans, delicate operations and diagnosing cancer. This observation puts enough light on the fact that the qualities of what is known today as vibration therapy are already present in the Agnihotra mantra.

Varna’s other meaning is colour. Chromopathy has its unique place in the modern day medical science. Sound’s measure is known as Decibel. In various intensities decibels of sound produce different colours. According to Mantra-Shastra (science of mantra) Sanskrit alphabetical system is divided in white, red, yellow and blue colours. Every colour has its own importance and use in treatment. Like Red colour provides heat. It proves beneficial for blood or skin diseases, provides mental energy to born despondents and also to those frustrated by their own surroundings. Similarly other colours too have their own importance and use.

While healing and purifying the atmosphere through the instrument of Agnihotra the uttering of the mantras spread subtle energies in the surrounding atmosphere as the oblations are offered. The emerging red, yellow, blue colours of the flame resulting from the burning of the oblations also have a unifying link with the Agnihotra mantra. Thus, all the beneficial qualities of Chromopathy too are present in the Agnihotra mantra.

Always remember, while uttering the Agnihotra mantra do not just mumble neither be very loud. The words of the mantra possess the soothing quality of relaxing and purifying the mind and creating vibrations of goodwill and love. Utter the mantras in the same spirit.

Thus AGNIHOTRA is practical, result oriented scientific practice. You will agree that the method is very simple, the ingredients are easily obtainable, the time to be spared for the practice is not much and it is not expensive. There are no taboos concerning personal habits etc. Anybody (any human being) can practice it. Agnihotra is the best care-taker. It transforms disgruntled, frustrated and anxiety prone personalities into good human beings of society wherein ultimately they become assets

A Western Scientist says that Agnihotra is a wonder weapon to counter pollution. Many researchers in the field of Medicine, Agriculture, Subtle Energy, Radiation, Eloptic Energy, Yoga, Nature Cure etc. have made remarkable findings after carrying out various experiments with Agnihotra. Many others are engaged in unfolding yet more astonishing facts about Agnihotra. After fully satisfying their scientific enquiry they all agree that Agnihotra surely is the new hope for equilibrium and enhancement of human life.

The daily practice of Agnihotra is as necessary and essential for human subsistence as is the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat.

Given hereunder are a few authentic scientific findings which should be enough to convince anyone about the overall benefits derivable from Agnihotra .

Drug addiction

(Ref. : Lt. Col. G.R. Golechha, Sr. Advisor, Psychiatry, Indian Army. His Paper published in ‘Indian Journal of Psychiatry’ 1987, 29 (3), Pp 247 – 252 – titled ‘AGNIHOTRA USEFUL ADJUNCT IN TREATMENT OF RSISTANT AND DEMOTIVATED SMACK ADDICT’)

Brief Extract:

In his study Dr. Selvamurthy has observed neuro-physiological affects of Agnihotra mantra i.e. two mantras at sunset time. 8 healthy men were chosen for study. They reported at 1600 hours on two consecutive days. First day for control recording when ritual mimicking Agnihotra was performed. Instead of mantras some irrelevant syllables of the duration of Agnihotra mantra were uttered. Next day evening Agnihotra was performed. Recording of physiological parameters viz. heart rate, ECG lead-II, blood pressure recorded … he has observed that heart rate showed a trend of decline during Agnihotra as compared to control. Skin temperature was raised by 10 C during Agnihotra whereas control did not show such change.

GSR remained significantly higher during Agnihotra as compared to control session. ECG showed DC shift in base like some extraneous electrical interference like response only during exact period of sunset Agnihotra.

EEG showed constant changes. Power in Alpha band increased while there was tendency of suppression in Delta power- The CSA showed trend of leftward shift in Alpha power with build up power in Alpha and Theta bands persisting for more than 15 minutes in all montages. The power spectral analysis showed consistent augmentation of power in all four bands during Agnihotra suggesting an occurrence of Cerebral Cortical Synchronisation. Mental tranquility observed could be attributed to rise in Alpha power by 20% during performance. Thus Agnihotra atmosphere has beneficial effect in the form of mental tranquility.’