CELLFOOD® is a premier Oxygen genorator product, safely creating new oxygen and hydrogen singlets “in balance” by using the water already in your own body. This is not a forced oxygenation! CELLFOOD® works with your own body’s DNA, where and when you need increased oxygenation, thus creating a powerful energy source synergistically. Not only do you benefit from increased oxygenation for energy, but you also benefit from the oxygenation of area’s in the body where oxygen levels are low, creating protection from a breeding ground of disease and illness. Our asthma sufferers are grateful to CELLFOOD® for daily oxygen support.

Also, exclusive to CELLFOOD® – a clean burn! No free radical by-product – as with all other oxygen products & most antioxidants! The body recognizes CELLFOOD® as its own body fluid. Please read the Augustine Scientific chart where CELLFOOD® lowers the surface tension of water making the water “wetter” and more absorbable on a cellular level in your body. This makes CELLFOOD® one of the most absorbable nutrients available TODAY!

What exactly is cellfood?

An easily assimilated Colloidal Ionic blast of 78 Trace Minerals (all of the good but without the heavy metal minerals we don’t need supplemented). Trace minerals, although only constituting .01% of body weight, if even deficient slightly, can cause severe depression, hyperactivity in children, PMS, high blood pressure, hypoglycemia and diabetes, nervous stress, premature aging, memory loss and poor healing. Many top scientists and health experts believe the number one cause of disease stems from low levels of cellular mineralization and imbalanced pH levels. CELLFOOD® is by far an excellent cellular mineralization product! Read Further!

Oxygen The body needs adequate oxygen levels to combat the elements, healthy cell formation and to fight off disease. Most of us are oxygen deprived to some level. Those who exercise heavily, are overly abundant in oxygen, and oxygen burnt free-radicals.

Hydrogen Oxygen and Hydrogen MUST be in balance to work synergistically in our body. Imbalance with either creates havoc. Hydrogen is the structure to the cells in our body and plant life. Too much hydrogen causes hardening and imbalance. CELLFOOD® CREATES BALANCE. 17 Amino Acids (the more difficult to derive from foods, especially for vegetarians) Amino acids are the building blocks to protein in the body, an absolute necessity to life, growth and healing.

35 Enzymes (both digestive and metabolic) When we run out of metabolic enzymes, we die. We are born with a storage bank, that for the average person is 50% depleted by age 60. As Metabolic enzyme levels deplete, aging increases. Digestive enzymes support our entire healing system, from healthy nutrient support to heightened immunities. They are found active in whole, unprocessed, live foods.

A most powerful Antioxidant to scavenge free radicals and toxins – that actually burns clean! Antioxidants unite with oxygen, fight off disease, support our immune system, and slow-down or reverse aging. Without proper antioxidant support, the body invites degenerative disease and ages quickly.

A superb nerve and brain supporting Electrolyte. We cannot function without proper electrolyte support. Electrolytes are essential to body pH balance and all cell function. Electrolytes are easily lost through perspiration, and must be replaced regularly.

CELLFOOD® is one of the the oldest “new” nutritional products on the market today, and has withstood the test of time.

What this means to you

CELLFOOD® increases absorption and waste metabolism of nutrients in water, food and supplements, by acting as a catalyst for metabolic efficiency. Consumers absorb more nutrient value because the trace-mineral-activated enzymes (both digestive and metabolic) work more efficiently. Never before has metabolic enzymes been available in an Ionic liquid suspended formula, offering 95% to 100% absorption! Metabolic enzymes are not a renewable resource. As we age, our body’s no longer produce metabolic enzymes, and many times we will simply use them up until they have become depleted. When that happens, we die. The source of digestive enzymes are healthy, live foods only. But our diets are becoming more and more dependant upon fast, processed, frozen foods with little or no digestive enzymes, and very low nutrient value. We need Digestive enzymes to digest and metabolize all of the foods we eat, and the nutrients they contain. Cooking destroys the enzymes in our foods when heated over 138 degrees or 50 degrees Centigrade. Therefore it is vital to include raw vegetables and fruits in our daily diet. CELLFOOD® supplies us with 34 enzymes, metabolic and digestive, including amylase and catalase.

Everett Storey’s formula itself has little oxygen in it. However, this formula increases the bio-availability of oxygen in the water it is placed in because its Deuterium raises the dissolved oxygen level of the liquid. Bio-Screen Testing Services, USA analytical report (Ref. No. 94P76-80 95P20 dated 30/04/96) recorded that fourteen (14) drops of the non-concentrate Everett Storey formula product in an eight ounce (8 oz.) glass of purified water increased the dissolved oxygen level of the purified water by an astonishing 21.06%! When your body is under stress CELLFOOD® is unique in such a way as to generate nascent oxygen by splitting the body’s water molecules and supplying you with new (nascent) oxygen and hydrogen at a cellular level.

CELLFOOD® is very different from other oxygen products. It literally stands alone. Many oxygen products will flood the body of forced oxygen, then creating harmful free radicals. “The release of these reactive oxygen species results in oxidative injury to biologic systems such as lipids found in cell membranes, and proteins found in blood vessels and myocardial tissues” (Professors Ashim Ghatak and Mahesh Chandra: Complementary Medicine, Page 13, Volume 4, Number 1, 1998).

CELLFOOD® scavenges and bonds with treacherous oxygen free radicals. It makes available usable oxygen in a controlled and time-released manner, at the cellular level, and only where it is needed. Due to this process, CELLFOOD® creates absolutely NO FREE RADICALS ITSELF. It simply neutralizes free radical singlet atoms of oxygen.

80% of our body’s energy source is from it’s own level of oxygen. By CELLFOODS® ability to use the water-sourced oxygen in our body and brain, more becomes available to us on demand, and our energy level increases when needed. This is much safer than stimulants, many of which stress our immune system and upset our body’s metabolism of adrenaline, not to mention the health risk for those with high blood pressure and heart disease.

Of course, oxygen and hydrogen must be constantly kept in balance. Too much Hydrogen, and we see hardening of the cells. Too much Oxygen, and we see an abundance of free radicals. CELLFOOD® is the catalyst in maintaining the balance and synergy of Oxygen and Hydrogen in our cells.

Antioxidants and a hot item in health and nutrition today. Rightfully so. Starting with our global environment, we are absorbing toxins and contaminants through the air we breath, water we drink, chemical food preservatives, the list goes on and on. Japanese scientists estimate the average person has ten to twenty thousand free radicals attacking the average body cell per day! Our body’s internal antioxidant system is overwhelmed, to say the least.

Even popular antioxidant supplements we intake, once its electron has been spent, creates free radicals, which in turn must be eliminated. To become toxin and free radical clean, is impossible. Our body must maintain some free radicals to maintain a synergistic balance. But too many free radicals cause the breakdown of vigorous cells and deter strong cell production, which we then notice as illness and aging.

Everett Storey’s formula is a superior free radical scavenger, because it is able to replenish the supply of electrons. Simply put, nascent oxygen “seeks out” and neutralizes dangerous free radicals by donating electrons or combining with them to form pure oxygen molecules. It literally turns our body’s garbage into healthy new oxygen molecules. Only CELLFOOD® offers a most-potent antioxidant that does not create more free radicals!

In addition, with the combination of trace minerals, CELLFOOD® is also a highly effective and powerful electrolyte. Most all our users state increased mental ability, better memory, and heightened sensory skills, within days of adding Cellfood® to their daily regime.

Little is known about Amino Acids to the average person. Yet we are seeing the marketing of Amino Acids becoming much more targeted to these wonders of our cellular structure.

Most of us believe that the proteins our body uses are derived from the foods we eat. This is so, but indirectly. Our body breaks down the proteins we eat into Amino Acids first, then our body uses these to build the specific proteins, hormones, anti-bodies and neurotransmitters that it needs.

For example, Arginine and Lysine work together with Glutamine to stimulate the endocrinal system’s pituitary gland in the brain to release human growth hormones. A deficiency in any one of the twenty amino acids will be reflected on one or more diseases. We are realizing now, that Amino Acids play a vital role in healthy cell development and maintenance. Aging is certain to life. The good news is that this process can be slowed down, or even reversed, depending on the lifestyle, diet and mental attitude we maintain. We can always change the course of our current path. Its never too late to start. The first step in getting yourself on the path to sound well-being, is consuming powerful nutrient supplements. The products offered here will do exactly this for you.

Amino Acids are organic compounds which form the nucleus of every living cell. The 20 common AMINO Acids in the body must ALL be present in the cells before the protein synthesis can occur. Our body maintains a reserve of amino acids which the different cells draw from to synthesis their own materials: new cells, secretions of enzymes and hormones, and plasma protein. 10 of the amino acids are known as nonessential, meaning they can be synthesized by our body’s cells. The other 10 are essential, and must be obtained from foods or supplements. The 17 amino acids found in CELLFOOD® are the HARDEST TO DERIVE AMINO ACIDS from most of our food sources. Those of which we must rely on supplementation for.

The Ionic Amino Acids in CELLFOOD® will support your body in maintaining your desired Youth and Vitality.

Most bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and other pathogens that contribute to disease are anaerobic and cannot live in high levels of oxygen. “Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes, but there is only one prime cause . . . The prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the normal oxygen respiration of body cells by an anaerobic cell respiration” (Dr. Otto Warburg, Two-time Nobel Laureate Winner of the Nobel Prize for Cancer Research)

What all these life supporting nutrients offer together, is highly potent and synergistic support to every cell in your body, from head to toe! You are consuming over 100 ionic nutrients, usually purchased separately at more expense. But you are also receiving over 95% absorption, unheard of in pills and capsules, or most other liquid supplements! At VKE, we believe that the value to your health is unsurpassed by CELLFOOD ®, than with any other supplement in the market today! In a time where toxins and free radicals run rampant in our body’s – nutrients run low in our food supplies – and fast, convenient foods offer little or no nutritious support, we need the most powerful support we can find.

More good news

Cellfood® has been in the marketplace for over 40 years! CELLFOOD® is one of the oldest “new” nutritional products on the market, because it has stood up to scrutiny with flying colors! There has never been an incident of incompatibility with any pharmaceuticals or other supplements. Thousands of people with various diseases and on hundreds of forms of therapies have combined Cellfood® into their daily regime with nothing but positive results. CELLFOOD® is a “systemic normalizer” working “with” your bodies own system. Cellfood® is a wonderful addition to radiation and chemotherapy treatments, causing the body to rid itself of the toxins and damage caused from the treatments. CELLFOOD® also aids in rejuvenation of stronger cells at an accelerated rate! Comments are they, “feel much better . . . faster!”

Where did cellfood® come from?

The inventor of CELLFOOD®, Everett L. Storey, twice Nobel Laureate, an author, physical chemist, microbiologist and humanitarian. He worked on the “Manhattan Project”, a top secret project which today, still remains well guarded. Albert Einstein gave credit to Everett Storey with the “water splitting technology” that he patented. Because of the high exposure to radiation the people working on the Manhattan Project began to die. Everett Storey, at this time, worked on saving his own life and contributing to the lives of all of mankind. In 1956 he invented a deuterium-based product, which he named Cellfood or Liquid Life. After two decades of research and development, CELLFOOD was recognized as a highly energized liquid.

CELLFOOD® is a proprietary secret formulation, (Deuterium Sulphate) developed from a di-base solution. Everett Storey’s formula balances the body’s metabolism and is highly charged electro-statically. Its di-base/dipole solution has a bipolar valence, creating a dualistic healing approach to tissue imbalances. This means that, whether there is an anabolic or catabolic imbalance, Everett Storey’s formula can bring about an appropriate balance and activate the body’s rapid healing response. Its dipole formula contains: “Aerobic” proteins, 78 elements and deuterons, 34 land (fossilized plant taken from virgin earth), and 44 from the sea (extracted from the clean Southern Seas surrounding New Zealand, unrefined and still containing natural trace elements).

Magnetic Resonance Analyzer Test

The following test of CELLFOOD® was performed in Japan using a Magnetic Resonance Analyzer. This machine also measures wavelengths and is used to diagnose humans. A score of +20 is the highest limit of the test. CELLFOOD® scored +20 in several categories and would probably score +30 or more of the machine were capable of testing those limits. As you can see from the following report, natural healing power, essential energy, heart, stomach, and cancer scored +20 with many scores from +16 – 20. In the words of Mr. Fukuda, this is incredible and they have never seen any product which had scores anything close to this!