chelation_page_imgChelation and other Therapies are a very safe and affordable way to remove blockage from the arterial tree and cardio-vascular system; and, to restore blood flow in patients with arteriosclerosis in a non-surgical approach.

Chelation therapy is one of the safest medical procedures involving the intravenous infusion of a prescription medicine called ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid or EDTA.

EDTA is a synthetic amino acid that corrects the underlying causes of heart disease

  • Reduces plaque
  • Restores blood flow
  • Permits more blood to pass to the heart
  • Allows leaky & damaged cell walls to heal
  • Improves calcium & cholesterol metabolism

Chelation Therapy promotes good health by correcting the major underlying cause of arterial blockage and helps prevent the production of harmful free radicals which are now believed by many scientists to bean important contributing cause of arteriosclerosis, cancer, diabetes andother diseases of aging. Eliminates metallic catalysts which cause damage to cell membranes by producing “oxygen free radicals”.

Furthermore, EDTA can be utilized in conjunction with most other therapies for cardio-vascular disease and is compatible with blood thinners, blood vessel dilators, medicines for blood pressure and heart arrhythmia’s, calcium blockers and beta blockers.

The need for drugs is often reduced or eliminated after a course of chelation therapy