Detox & rejuvenation program

Detoxification Program

Over the years Toxins begin to accumulate in the Body. The Body rids itself of these through various means – urine, sweat and feces. Over the years the efficiency of these channels of elimination gets hampered in one way or the other even in healthy people and cleaning of the various pathways and fluids in the Body is essential to peak the system to working at full efficiency. This kind of an overhaul will slow down and prevent the accelerated aging of the Body. Herbal Dietary Supplements can be easily administered to rid the body of these Toxins and to clear up any blockages to the Body’s normal functioning

To begin with, the Colon is the means of removal of waste matter from the Body. The Colon gets coated and Toxins begin to accumulate in the Body giving rise to chronic ailments. Colon Cleanse Herbal Capsules can be safely taken to clean the Colon. Since Herbs are Natural substances they are easily assimilated and work in harmony with the Body. One should therefore start with a low dose of one capsule per day in the evening or at bedtime for the first two days and then go to two tablets on the third and fourth day and if no serious discomfort is being felt one can continue at this level of 2 capsules per day. This should be continued for 7 to 8 days and then gradually discontinued over a 2 or 3 day period.

The entire cycle should last about 10 days. Simultaneously, in the mornings one can take Kidney Care in the same manner. Next, we can start to Detoxify the Blood by using the Detoxifier Herbs in the same general manner as above – starting with a low dose in the morning and going up gradually and taking the same for a total of 7 to 10 days. Simultaneously the Liv Care can be taken in the evenings in the same manner.

Once the Basic Detoxification of the Body has been done, one can look at the option of starting the Rejuvenation of the Body.

Rejuvenation of the Body

The most potent rejuvenation Herbs are Kaya Kalpa, Energizer, Rejuvenation and Kama Sutra. You can start with one capsule of each type in the morning and once again in the evening with meals or preferably with a little milk and then increased in a gradual manner if no discomfort is experienced. These Rejuvenating Herbs should be taken for four or more weeks depending on the situation and then tapered off in a gradual manner. These Rejuvenating Herbal capsules may be combined with other specific Herbs designed to address Specific Health Challenges which may continue to exist even after the detoxification of the body has been carried out.


Specific Health Challenges

The following Herbs can be taken for the Health Challenges (listed below) being faced by the individual for a duration depending on the case history.

Health Challenges

Herbal Dietary Supplement

Failing Memory

Brain Tonic, Ginkgo, Gotu Kola

Weak Heart/Blockages



Slim Fast + Fenugreek

Water Retention

Kidney Care

Weak Liver


Low Energy

Energizer + Ashwagandha + Ginseng

Weak Digestion

Ginger + Coriander + Cumin

Cardiovascular Challenges

Caynne + Hearty


ColdaRex, + Tulsi / Adulsa


SugarLess + Fenugreek + Goldenseal

Low Immunity

Echinacea + Tusli + Turmeric

Hormone Balance (PMS)

Wild Yam, Hormone Balance, Kama Sutra

Enlarged Prostate

Saw Palmeto + Echinacea

Reverse Aging

Kaya Kalpa + Energizer + Kama Sutra + Rejuvenation


The above list is a sample list and is not to be treated as an exhaustive list of application for these Herbs. Each of these Herbs have multiple applications and also Side Benefits.

If specific Health Challenges exist, then a custom formulation suitable for the constitution of the Body can be formulated on a case by case basis. For a Respiratory Challenge a course of Tulsi or Adulsa in conjunction with Turmeric can be considered. For Weight Loss the SlimFast formulation in conjunction with Fenugreek can be taken; for Water Retention Kidney Care is a Diuretic; for Diabetes the Surgaless with Fenugreek; for Hormone Imbalance and PMS problems – the Wild Yam extract with Kama Sutra will be found to be effective; for low Immunity – Echinacea with Licorice, Turmeric and Tulsi can be used; for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease use Gotu Kola, Ginkgo, Ginseng; for Digestion Problems Ginger, Corriander, Cumin would be your best bet; etc.

For Energy imbalance in the Body, the best course of action could be to use the principles of Biomagnetics to balance the Energy of the Body. Biomagnetics has also been found very useful in the case of aches and pains, sports injury, lower back and other problems.

While the above is an outline of a General course of treatment, the Health Physician or Counselor is recommended to work out one best suitable for each specific individual depending on the history of the individual and his or her personal preferences.

It is best that the Physician or Counselor develops a close rapport with the patient seeking Natural Health Care and understands what his or her requirements are so that a comprehensive course of action can be chalked out and followed to achieve the outcome desired.

Q. I am 40 years old and have been in fairly good health for the past few years. Do I need to overhaul my Body? Can this be done by Natural means?

A. Yes, just like an Automobile needs to be serviced every 3000 to 5000 miles / Km as preventive maintenance; the Human Body should also be overhauled at least once every year to avoid a catastrophic breakdown. This should be done by people of all ages once they have crossed 21 years of age and have reached adulthood.

This is a Basic Procedure that can be carried out in the privacy of your home and at your own pace. This is not a substitute, but rather a precursor to a lengthy stay at a residential Health Resort where more in depth and complex procedures like Panchakarma, etc. can be elaborately carried out by people trained in the Art and Science of Ayurveda and Siddha Medicine.

Once the Basic Detoxification of the Body has been done, one can look at the option of starting the Rejuvenation of the Body.


Reverse Aging

If the goal of Natural Health Care is to also Reverse Aging the Body – one can consider use of Brain Tonic, Energizer, Ginseng, Ginkgo, Kama Sutra, Kaya Kalpa, Rejuvenation Herbal Dietary Supplements. These can be taken simultaneously or in any combination for any period from 10 to 30 days and then followed by a break of few days to check the permanency of the improvement.

The course of action outlined above may have to be repeated after a gap of few weeks to take care of any long unattended and deep-rooted situations within the Body. The user of Herbal Dietary Supplement should listen to the needs of the Body to find out which type of Herbs benefit the Body the most and concentrate on them.


It may be necessary to repeat the Detoxification procedure given in item “B” a few times with intervals of a few weeks to achieve the desired result. The individual is the best judge of this and should listen to his own body.

It is recommended to complete the Detoxification of the Body as given in item “B” once a year to keep the Body working at better efficiency. This is applicable to also in the case of normally healthy people.

The Rejuvenation Procedure described in item “C” may be required to be continued for extended period with intervals of a few weeks depending on the constitution of the individual concerned.

Herbs outlined for specific Health Challenges may be taken as long as required with small intervals in between to determine the ability of the body to function normally on its own and without any external aid. This is a recommendation of a general course of action to achieve Good Health and Longevity through Natural means. Specific cases may require a course of action different from the above.

This is not to be construed as Medical advice for any particular condition. Readers are advised to consult their own Medical Advisor / Physician. If the Health Challenge persists, consult your Medical Advisor / Physician.


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