General medical uses

Summary of its general medical uses

DMSO has at least forty major therapeutic properties which act beneficially in the process of healing traumas to the body and brain. Here are sixteen of the more common ones:

  • It blocks the transfer of pain messages, from the site of injury to the brain , by interrupting conduction in the small non-myelinated nerve fibers. Thus, it is one of the finest topically-applied pain killers known to man.
  • It is potently anti-inflammatory and marvelous as an anti-arthritic remedy.
  • Since it is bacteriostatic, fungi static and virostatic it inhibits the growth of pathogenic micro-organisms.
  • It transports numerous pharmaceuticals across body membranes, thereby administering them topically without resorting to injections.
  • It reduces the incidence of platelet thrombi in blood vessels thus preventing or reducing the formation of blood clots.
  • It has a specific effect on cardiac contractility by holding back calcium from muscle fiber absorption, thus reducing the workload of the heart .
  • It acts as a tranquilizer, producing brain sedation, even when simply rubbed into the skin.
  • It enhances the actions of anti-fungal and antibacterial agents when combined with them for internal or external application.
  • It is a vasodilator, probably related to histamine release in the cell s and to prostaglandin inhibition.
  • It stops the release of cholinesterase, an enzyme that causes the breakdown of acetylcholine, which is one of the B complex vitamin forms necessary for healthy neuronal functions.
  • It tends to soften collagen as a means of preventing or reducing scars and keloids by its peculiar cross-linking effects
  • It scavenges the hydroxyl free radical so as to reduce tissue deterioration in ageing .
  • It stimulates various types of immunity, especially the blood ‘s natural killer cells that are derived from lymphocytes.
  • It is a potent diuretic, particularly when administered intravenously.
  • It brings about interferon formation in the organism as an express means of boosting immunological response.
  • It stimulates the healing of wounds of all types, both external and internal.

This drug has the widest range and greatest number of therapeutic actions ever shown for any single chemical. It also has the ability to grow cumulative in its effects. Since it attacks the disease itself rather than just the symptoms, it has been observed that lesser amounts of DMSO are needed to achieve results with the passage of time. This is truly the unique and different quality of this chemical, since most other drugs generally require increasingly heavier dosages over time to maintain therapeutic levels. There is absolutely no doubt that it has proved to have interesting and valuable biological properties.