PLAQUEX THERAPY The New Non-surgical Swiss Treatment Protocol for Angina Pectoris Sufferers and arterial blockages

plaquex_page_imgBaxamed Medical Center in Switzerland is the World’s leader in proven YOUTH RESTORATION THERAPIES leader in proven Speciality treatments of the so called INCURABLE DISEASES.

Physians around the globe have selected “BAXAMED’S YOUTH RESTORATION PROGRAM” for themselves as well as their patients, because of the excellent results achieved and proven safety of their protocols.

What is Plaquex ?

Physians at Baxamed developed a generic product isolated from Soya Beans- essential product Phospholipids containing PHOSPHATIDYCHOLINE althoufgh it was known and tested by scientists about 20 Years ago for the treatment of ARTERIAL DISESASE.

Researchers found that it was very powerful in breaking down the ARTERIIAL PLAQUE when applied as a series of infusions to patients with angina pectoris, specially candidates for angioplasty and Bypass Surgery. They carried out Plaquex treatment on 20 patients suffering from irretractible Angina pectoris pain and sustained on Beta Blockers and nitrocylcerine products.

Thirty infusions of Plaquex were adminstered, each over a period of 60/70 minutes, three to five times a week. To the amazement of researchers 19 patients who finished the treatment course were asymptomatic and free of all medications.One patient dropped out of the program for no reason.

Benefits of Plaquex

Although the medication was developed over 50 years ago in Germany, the use of it for the sole purpose of breaking down arteriosclerotic plaque in all of the arteries of the body is relatively new.

  • To the amazement of researchers during clinical studies… patients with severe angina and coronary blockage who finish the treatment are completely asymptomatic; and, may no longer need heart medication!
    As a rule, most patients will not require all their life-saving medications anymore… such as beta blockers, nitroglycerin and blood pressure medications.
  • There are no side effects with Plaquex treatments except for positive side effects such as improved circulation to the brain and other vital organs.
  • Male patients suffering from sexual impotency because of poor blood circulation will note a vast improvement during the course of treatment.
  • The combined effects of Chelation Therapy with its properties to remove heavy metals and, its anti-oxidative qualities, mixed with the vessel cleansing qualities of Plaquex… provides an ideal treatment modality.
  • Because of the ability of Plaquex to cleanse all of the arteries in the body, patients will notice a dramatic improvement in cerebral function, a return of sexual potency and of course a return to normal circulation to the coronary vessels with a disappearance of symptoms.