Plaquex Applications

It has now been established that Plaquex therapy has the following “Therapeutic Applications”

  • Revert Cellular, tissue, organ, and bodily functions to a younger state.
  • Reverse or prevent the risk of atherogenesis.
  • Enhance the capacity for cardiorespiratory stress.
  • Restore immunocompetence.
  • Enhance sexual competence.
  • Retard progression of ageing.
  • Improve impaired renal function.
  • Reduce high blood pressure (both elevated systolic and diastolic).
  • Reversing myocardial hypertrophy (enlarged heart).
  • Reducing cholesterol and cleans all arteries of the body.

Plaquex Therapy fights the disease called “ageing”.It reverses age-related damage to the body. As we age , the billions of our cells change. Those age – related events cause changes in the cell membrane.

Particular membrane features are a variety of fat substances called lipids, which occur in specific ratios. In addition, there are certain membrane structures such as receptors, channels and enzymes. With ageing the membranes lipid ratios and structures change and degrade. Slowly the cell loses its youthful elasticity. The cell membrane no longer admits nourishment into the cell: it no longer allows waste to leave the cell. The cells ” sleep” as if dead. These are the cells of your heart, lungs, kidneys, eyes, skin, liver, and most other tissues and organs of your body. Plaquex Therapy reverses “age” related changes in the lipid ratios of the membrane of the cell. It returns the lipid ratio of the cell membrane to a ratio nearer that enjoyed by the individual in younger days. Receptor, channel and enzyme functions resume.The cell returns to an earlier shape and a more youthful function. The cell becomes elastic again; nourishment gains entry into the cell; waste is removed. The cell awakens from its near death sleep.

Heart and Circulatory Disease

The recognised factors for those age related diseases include the accumulation of excess cholesterol in the human cell membrane, a condition which has never before been modified and the presence of a substance known as Lp(a) : a substance which behaves as the worst type of cholesterol. The damaging effects of Lp(a) is widely recognised in European medical circles. Plaquex Therapy removes excess cholesterol from the membrane of the cell, a feat never before accomplished. It also removes excess sphingomylin from the cell membranes

Plaquex Therapy removes

  • Those excess lipids that have accumulated in the human cells as the person has aged. and
  • Restores Phosphatidycholine another essential membrane lipid, which is depleted with age.

Plaquex Therapy “Reverse Cholesterol Transport”: Cholesterol is transported in the bloodstream and from cell to cell by certain carriers called lipoproteins. Plaquex once administered in the body, creates a new lipoprotein, which functions as a surrogate high density lipoprotein(HDL) or “good” cholesterol. It aids in the removal of excess cholesterol from the cells membranes and together with the body’s other HDLs transports the large pool of free cholesterol’s from their deposits in blood vessels, fat cells, muscle, and connective tissue to the liver from where it is excreted from the body.

Plaquex Therapy lowers Lp(a). It has been established that Plaquex Therapy will do what no other therapy in the world has done: substantially reduce Lp(a). Lp(a) is a critical factor in the formation of the blood clot that causes myocardial infarction and strokes. It is associated with the narrowing or restenosis of

  • The transplanted vein or artery in coronary artery bypass heart surgery and
  • the artery expanded by angioplasty. Restenonis occurs in more than 30% of such procedures, usually within several months of the event.

The benefits of reverse cholesterol transport and significant lowering of Lp(a) has the capacity to inhibit the progress of atherosclerosis and/or promote its regression. Plaquex Therapy’s ability to clean all the arteries of the body is instrumental in granting its recipient a high level “Quality Of Life”.