Clinical Studies

Plaquex Clinical Studies

A few years ago physicians stumbled onto a generic product isolated from soy beans which had been tested clinically 20 years prior to treatment of patients severely ill with coronary artery disease. 20 patients suffering from irrectractable angina pectoris pain and being sustained on beta blockers and nitroglycerine products were entered into the program which consisted of the infusion over a period of 50-60 minutes of the above solution 3-5 times per week for a total of 30 treatments

To the amazement of the researchers, 19 patients who finished the treatment protocol were completely asymptomatic and free of medication. One patient dropped out at the beginning of the program for no reason.

Based on the above results, the medical research team at BAXAMED initiated their own clinical study on a small group of severely ill patients, two of whom had already two bypass operations behind them and had been sent home to die, one patient two angioplastys behind her and still suffering from angina pectoris and a fourth patient documented by a thallium stress test to have perfusion problems of his heart.

The results on the Bypass patients after 30 treatments with our protocol were unbelievable. Both patients became more mentally alert, sexually active and were completely asymptomatic and completely freed of medication. Follow-up Thallium stress tests showed normal perfusion studies of the heart.

The female patient with two angioplastys behind her (the wife of Dr. Baxas) showed the same results as the by-pass surgery patients, she was complete asymptomatic after the series of treatments and totally off of all medications.

A follow-up Thallium stress test at the University Hospital in Basel, Switzerland showed a completely normal perfusion of the heart. The fourth patient has also now been cured. Because of the relative ease of this treatment, with no side effects, the remarkable results shown in comparison to classical chelation therapy… it is imperative that this treatment be passed on to every chelation physician world-wide.