Key glands

Pineal gland
  • Light sensitive, activated by light passing through eyes onto optic nerve.
  • With light Pineal Gland secretes Serotonin which has beneficial affect on body and mind. It also activates other glands to secrete other beneficial hormones.
  • Without light Pineal Gland secretes Melatonin which induces sleep
  • Less light higher Melatonin secretion which may result in mental depression, laziness, more sleep, hardening of Pineal Gland = greater cancer risk.
Pituitary gland

Stimulated by serotonin secretion from Pineal gland, it secretes MSH (Melanocyte Stimulate Hormone) which increases body metabolism. Also produces luteinizing hormone which stimulates sex hormones.

Thyroid gland

Stimulated by Serotonin secretion from Pineal gland, increases body metabolism, especially. fats


Vitamin D and Calcium stimulates secretion of Insulin to lower blood sugar

Skin & blood

Light produces Vitamin D, Vitamin D3 (Solitrol) which regulates moods, immune system, bio-rhythms, helps calcium re-absorption. Light stimulates production of Keratin to protect against germs and injuries. Also increases production of White Blood cells and T cells to aid body’s ability to fend off infections and virus.