Chakras – General Understanding and Origins

What are chakras?

The Chakras are the subtle Energy Centres in our body. There are 7 main Chakras which circulate and store Prana from the Nadi channels. Each Chakra has its unique origin, characteristics and function. When these energy centre’s are blocked, we suffer from illness and mental disturbance. It is important therefore to purify and cleanse these Chakras of all impurity allowing the free flow of Pranic Energy throughout our gross and subtle bodies.

Origin of chakras

We are all parts of the Divine. We are sparks of the One Great Sun originally in the Parabrahma Loka. Wishing to personally experience the wonderful and beautiful creation of our Father, we left with a specially design covering, “Anandamaya Kosa” and began our descent to Adi Shakthi Loka. From Parashakthi we received another special suit (“Vijnanamaya kosa”) to come to the abodes of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. In order to proceed further, Brahma gave us another covering. This covering is called “Manomaya Kosa”. These three coverings or sheaths make up our subtle bodies of Heart – Intellect – Mind respectively.

We then began our travel down to the 14 created Worlds (Lokas). While passing each of the 7 worlds to the Earth, we received a subtle energy centre:

  • Satya Loka gave us | Sahasrara Chakra
  • Tapoloka gave us | Ajna Chakra
  • Janaloka gave us | Vishudhi Chakra
  • Mahaloka gave us | Anahatha Chakra
  • Suvaloka gave us | Manipura Chakra
  • Bhuvaloka gave us | Swadishtana Chakra
  • Bhooloka gave us | Mooladhara Chakra

When we arrived on Earth we received also our PHYSICAL BODY (“Annamaya Kosa”) which is being activated and energized by the Live-giving Prana from the Sun. This Prana circulates in our body through a network of energy channels called “Nadi’s”. The Nadi network system along with the Chakras and the circulating Prana is known as the “Pranamaya Kosa”.

5 Bodies

We are made up of 5 coverings (bodies or sheaths)

  • Ananadamaya Kosa = Bliss Sheath
  • Vijnanamaya Kosa = Intellect Sheath
  • Manomaya Kosa = Mind Sheath
  • Pranamaya Kosa = Vital Energy Sheath (Nadis+Chakras+Prana)
  • Annamaya Kosa = Physical body

CHAKRAS Positions -Colour – Petals

Crown of head
Violet Lotus – 1,000 petals
6th = AJNA
between eyebrows
Indigo lotus – 2 petals
Blue lotus – 16 petals
Green lotus – 12 petals
Navel area
Yellow lotus – 10 petals
Below navel
Orange lotus – 6 petals
Base of Spine.
Red lotus – 4 petals