Suryayog – Silver Age Narration I

Step 1 sun gazing ( 5 mins to 20 mins)

  • People who are just learning this technique, close your eyes. Visualize the light in your 3rd eye position. (new comers look for about 10 min.)Others may continue to gaze and enjoy the light from the sun.
  • Now take out your silver coin and rub your forehead nicely. Place the coin in your 3rd eye position
  • Sit on your mats.
  • Place your hands in the Sun Symbol. Keep it touching your body as low As possible to your stomach
  • Be relaxed but sit with your back straight. Look directly at the sun. As you gaze, breathe in and out through the coin in your 3rd eye.
  • Take in that Love Energy from the sun through your coin to the back of your head With your out breath, remove all negativity from your body.
  • Breathe in Love, breathe out negativity.
  • Coordinate your breath with this affirmation:
  • Continue gazing with the affirmation

Step 2 meditation (5 mins to 15 mins)

Now, everyone close your eyes. With eyes closed see the beautiful light in your Ajna Chakra, 3rd eye position. Whatever colour it is, hold it there for as long as you can. It may come and go. Just enjoy it.

(pause for about 1 minute)

Now holding the light in your 3rd eye, continue to bring your attention On breathing in the Love Energy through the coin. This time breathe out the Love Energy throughout your body. Repeat this affirmation:


(We need to concentrate on the light at the 3rd eye, breathing through the coin along with doing the affirmation with the breath.)

(be in silence for about 12-15 minutes)

Now direct that Love Energy into your heart. Feel your heart filling with Healing Energies from the Cosmic Consciousness.

(Pause for 15 seconds)

As the blood flows through the heart in the arteries and veins, each molecule, each cell in your blood is becoming energized and illumined. Circulate this energized blood to all parts of your body. Experience the light everywhere.

(Pause 30 seconds)

Your organs and glands are feeling very strong & healthy now.

(Pause 10 seconds)

The Light is all around you. The Light is in you. You are the Light!

(Pause for 15 seconds)

Repeat mentally 3 times this affirmation – with conviction:

“I am the Luminous Love Light of the World.” Pause. .

“I am the Luminous Love Light of the World.” Pause. .

“I am the Luminous Love Light of the World.” Pause. .

With eyes closed, release the hand position

Bend down, touch Mother Earth with your palms & forehead

Stay in this position for a few moments

Get on your knees if you like.

Take 2-3 deep breaths and let everything go.

Surrender to the Absolute, the Supreme Power

(Pause for 5 seconds)

With eyes closed, come back to sitting Namaskar position Rub hands together, generate heat

Now cup your eyes.

Feel the healing energy entering your eyes through your eye lids

Blink 6-7 times getting used to the light

Slowly open your eyes.

Bring hands in folded prayer position

Bless yourself.

Now Wish everyone around you with a loving smile, health and happiness.. . .

“Jai bolo Surya ke Jai”

Now let us stand and form a circle of Light