Suryayog – Silver Age Narration II

Step 3 circle of light

A Clapping for health

  • Now for good health we will activate all the Nadi points/Meridians on the palms of our Hands by clapping together 324 times
  • As you clap, count out loud to increase your concentration and memory power
  • Ready: One, Two —— Hundred
  • Ninety Nine, 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, 90, 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, 80 —– 1
  • (Clap fast) One, 2,3,4, ——50 60 — 70 — 80 — 90 — 100
  • Now slowly – One, 2,3,4, —20.–24

B Kundalini blast

  • O.K. Now we do Kundalini Blast.
  • Bend your knees and balance your body like a sumo wrestler.
  • Draw the Energy up and “Patak” it down.
  • Ready….begin: “AHHHHHHHHH – Patak”
  • This time jump: “AHHHHHHHHH – Patak”
  • One more time: “AHHHHHHHHH – Patak”
  • Now we do “Boom”
  • Ready: “AHHHHHHHHH – Boom”
  • Again: “AHHHHHHHHH – Boom”
  • Now “Sizzle”
  • Ready: “AHHHHHHHHH – Sizzzzzzzzzzz”
  • Last one – the “Silent and Deadly one”
  • Ready: AHHHHHHHHH . . . . . . . . . . . (all clap their hands)

(It should be fun. It is much more than that . . . It helps to release suppressed emotions, especially anger and lust. It is another very beneficial way to release pent up feelings and emotions.)

C Receiving and giving off

  • Look at the Sun
  • Right foot forward
  • Bring in the goodness and scrape the body of all negativity throwing it to the Sun to burn off.
  • “Divya Jhoythi Prakataho, Roga Kaasta Durgaho” – 3 times
  • “Divya Prema – – – – 3 times
  • “Divya Shakthi – – – 3 times
  • Prosperity in – Poverty out
  • Health in- Disease out
  • Abundance in- Scarcity out
  • Success in- Failure out
  • Courage in – Fear out
  • Happiness in- Sorrow out
  • Love in- Indifference out
  • Wisdom in – Ignorance out

D Laughter (“ha-ho” sound)

Everybody smile and laugh.

Up/down, front, sideways, below, fast up/down

Laughter is, indeed, a key ingredient to optimal health, and I know of no good reason not to try and make sure you laugh as often as possible, everyday.

If you’re not convinced, there is plenty of research to back up my advice:

  • Laughter increases blood flow as much as exercise does
  • A happy disposition can lengthen your lifespan, regardless of age, weight or smoking habits
  • Laughter helps diabetics process blood sugar better.

Why laughter is so good for you is not fully understood, but who cares? It’s fun. It’s easy. And, it works.

E Directional blessings

Face the East and stretch your hands to the heavens.

Repeat loudly after me:

  • “Oh Lord, Grant us PEACE – Peace for all humanity”

Turn to the South.

  • “Oh Lord, Grant us HEALTH – Good health for all mankind

Turn to the West.

  • “Oh Lord, Grant us PROSPERITY – in all forms.

Abundance for all humanity”

Turn to the North.

  • “Oh Lord, grant us FAITH AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE Love that is selfless and pure Love is impartially for all Love that has no beginning or end Love that is always giving and forgiving Love that sees the oneness in all

    And the All as One

Turn again to the East, face Surya.

  • “Oh beautiful Sun, the Giver of Light, warmth, energy and wisdom The Marker of Time – The Motivator of all beings The Giver of Rain, water and food – the Sustainer of all Life

    I offer my humble Gratitude to you

Bring your hands down to your chest and be one with the Sun.

F Receiving energy from the cosmos

  • Now stretch out your arms to the sky. Head back and look up.
  • Keep your eyes wide open. Do NOT blink.
  • See beyond the clouds, beyond the blue
  • See into the heavens

(pause for 15 seconds)

  • See the White Light. See it expanding, coming closer and closer.

“Oh Lord . . . . .(everyone repeats) “My Father . . . Grace me. . . .

Heal me . . .

  • Like thunder and lightning the Energy is coming down into you
  • Feel it on your finger tips.
  • Coming down your fingers into your palms
  • Down to your wrist.
  • Your hands are shaking – vibrant with the Healing Energy.
  • Feel it – Experience it

(pause 3 seconds)

  • The Energy is now traveling down your forearms to your elbows
  • It is moving to your shoulders
  • Your head, your crown chakra is vibrating with this Energy. Feel it.

(pause 3 seconds)

  • Now its Coming down your face – in your eyes.
  • Close your eyes.
  • It is moving down your face – nose, cheeks, ears, mouth chin
  • Down your neck to your chest
  • Your Heart and Lungs are being purified of all negativity, all disease,becoming so healthy and strong
  • Feel it pushing all the pain, all the discomfort, all the disease downward
  • It is now clearing your stomach, liver, spleen, kidneys
  • Cleaning your intestines, bladder, anus
  • The energy is filling your pelvis area & now coming down your legs
  • Your thighs, knees, calves, ankles, feet.
  • Mother Nature is receiving all this negativity from you body,
  • Absorbing it, freeing you completely of all problems.

(Pause 5 seconds)

  • Now slowly bring down your arms
  • Feel your body . . . Feel how free it is, how relaxed and peaceful.


Select only universal songs appealing to all people


  • Do this practice /technique daily. Be regular to receive full benefits.
  • People can do it in the group or at home – their choice. Only thing is to just do it!
  • Avoid coffee, tea or food before doing Suryayog
  • Wear loose, white or light coloured clothing to absorb the energy and to keep you cool
  • Do this technique within one hour of sunrise or sunset – Not at other times. Do not look at the sun at ….other times during the day.
  • Talk less during the day – it conserves energy and brings more peace.
  • Eat only simple and light food in the evening, preferably before sunset.
  • Share your light and love on someone special today with a beautiful smile, a kind word, or a helpful ….hand.
  • May God bless you all with love, light and bliss.

Please note that: All of Sadhana is aimed and directed to achieve this state of Egolessness and Desirelessness leading to Stitaprajna state of equal mindedness – for it is only when the mind is silent that real Bliss, Love and Light is experienced. Sadhana is a process where one passes through the various stages of evolution, purifying the mind and heart of demonic, animal, human and finally Divine tendencies and qualities. Our goal is finally liberation from this birth and death cycle. The removal of pain, suffering and illness in the body, mind, emotions and spirit.