What is Suryayog?

stephanie_sullivanSuryayog is not Surya Namaskar. Surya Namaskar requires a body adept at various physical asanas. Suryayog on the other hand, is a very simple technique which anyone, at any age can do

Suryayog is an advanced Yoga, an ancient technique given by the Great Masters (Rishis). It is a Prayer cum Meditation; Brahma Vidya giving the highest Wisdom. The Technique draws the curative Energies from the sun for our physical, mental and spiritual health

Suryayog is a universal practice. It has no concern for one’s religious beliefs, mode of worship, profession, sex, economic conditions, age etc. Just as the sun shines impartially on all, rich or poor, dark or light, Indian, Asian or Western, the practice of Suryayog is for everyone.

Although it is also a devotional practice, its basis is fully scientific. The Sun’s light emanating from that powerful source has many curative powers on the body and mind which have been validated and supported by the scientific community.

Suryayog is transformational. Doing the practice regularly one finds that one’s inner qualities are mysteriously changed. Anger, greed, jealousy, lust are all positively affected by the rays of the sun coming through our eyes and into our mind and soul. It can’t be adequately explained, but our inner qualities are improved as we move from selfishness to selflessness through the help of the sun

Deep in the practice of Suryayog is the unfolding of our social consciousness. Suryayog promotes unity, harmony and brotherly love. It also stimulates our moral obligation to protect and preserve Mother Nature by cleaning the environment of litter, smog, water pollution, waste dumping and promoting greenery in our living environment

Finally, the external sun activates, mobilizes and expands the internal Surya within each of us. Yoga means ‘union’ or to ‘yoke together’. Suryayog creates the condition within us to join with the external sun to expand our consciousness and awareness of the life-giving light of Truth and Love within us.

What is Suryayog?

Gopinath Jowel was born in Kerala to loving parents some 31 years ago. At the age of 14 he left home and stayed in an ashram for many years. There he practiced several ‘yoga’ techniques but found little lasting fulfillment through them. He received a degree in Philosophy and began his MA, however his interests in Spiritual matters beckoned him so he left his studies and began traveling as a wondering sannyasi. In the depth of the Himalayas he met many great souls (Rishis) and studied various systems of Yoga under them.

He often wondered how many of these Saints who lived in very remote parts of jungles and caves were able to sustain themselves without places of provisions nearby. In due course he was given the vision and awareness that many of them survived through the blessings and grace of the sun by doing a practice called Suryayog. That technique was revealed to him by 3 great Ancient Masters who to this day guide him in the propagation of Suryayog

Gopinath Jowel became known as Surya Swamy as he began propagating this ancient technique to the common man. His resolve, his firm principle is that anyone and everyone can benefit from the healing and curative powers of the Sun through Suryayog and there should be no charges or fees whatsoever to learn and practice the technique.

Surya Swamy makes no mistake about his position with Suryayog. He says he is not a guru, only a messenger to spread what the Rishi’s have taught and directed him to do.

He is a man with a strong Vision who has developed a mission to accomplish this vision through the propagation of Suryayog in centres throughout India. A vision without a mission is only one’s imagination. A vision coupled with a mission but without the fuel of passion dries out in due course. Surya Swamy has great passion for his mission, a mission that will succeed with the Grace and help of the Masters to help mankind receive a natural health giving technique by harnessing the magical curative powers of the sun.

History of sun gazing

All Ancient civilizations have honoured and even worshiped the life-giving properties of the Sun. Many of these civilizations have been able to harness the vast healing powers from the Sun using various techniques.

In Mesopotamia, the origin of civilization, the people worshipped “Shamash” the sun god, who exercised light over darkness. He was also the god of ‘Justice and Equality’

The Great civilization of Assyria gave testimony to the greatness of the sun by showing him on their emblem which depicts an eagle with unwavering eyes fixed on the glowing radiance of the sun.

The Ancient Egyptians used native herbs to dilate the pupils of their eyes to draw the maximum energy of light into their eyes. Nafertiti, the wife of the Pharoah was the main promoter of the sun god ‘Aton’.

Iran was the centre of Solar worship at one time. The sun “Maga priests”, came to India in 6-8th century BC and became the famous Zoroastrian priests who spread the worship of fire and sun throughout India, erecting many of the Sun temples found in India even to this day.

You do not have to look very far in the history of India to know its reverence towards Surya, the sun. Vedic scriptures are full of hymns of praise, glorifying the source and sustainer of the Earth, the sun. The Scriptures refer to the sun as the ‘storehouse of inexhaustible power and radiance’. In the great Indian epic of the Ramayana, Sage Agastya was commissioned by Lord Vishnu to teach Lord Rama the Aditya Hridaya Hymm inorder to gain the required strength and power to defeat the demon Ravana. The ancient ‘ Gayatri mantra’ is a solemn prayer for light and illumination of our intellect. Indians recite the all powerful “Asatoma Satgamaya, Tamasoma Jhyotir Gamaya …..” requesting light to illumine the darkness (ignorance). Patanjali, the father of Yoga, says “through meditation, one pointed fix upon the sun, will come a consciousness of the 7 worlds (origin of the 7 chakras).”

Not only in the Eastern world has the sun been worshipped and used as a powerful healing tool, but we find also references of praying to the sun in ancient Judaism and even in Christianity. The 20th century miracles surrounding Mother Mary in Fatima (13 October 1917) and at Madjugore (2nd August 1981) testify to the healing that took place when all had fixed their eyes on the sun’s glory and majesty.

The Sun has and continues to mystify the world with its source of renewable energy and curative properties. We need only to find and practice the appropriate technique to benefit from its Glory.

How the Sun works – scientifically

The Sun is a powerhouse of Energy. The light from the Sun is so vast and pervasive that actually only a very small percent of the Sun’s Energy actually falls on the earth. To get a perspective of the sun and the earth and its relative size and distance, imagine a basketball (representing the sun) next to a acorn (earth). Hold the acorn approx 25 metres away from the basketball and this is the relative distance that the earth is from the sun (93 million miles). At that distance it takes 8 ½ minutes for light to reach the earth from the sun! Still that light has so much energy it is equivalent to 4.5 million horsepower per square foot of earth! The sun is no ordinary ball of light!

The Energy from the sun comes to us as Rays of Light, which are both visual and invisible to our naked eye.

  • Cosmic Rays (.00001 nm – Nan omicrons)
  • Gamma rays (.001 nm)
  • Ultra violet light (10 nm)
  • VISIBLE LIGHT (400-700 nm)
  • Infra-red rays (.0001 feet = 1,000-1,500 nm)
  • Micro waves (.01 ft)
  • X-rays (1 ft)
  • TV and Radio waves (1 ft – 100 ft)

As seen above only a very small range of energy is visible by the human eye. This visible light is seen as 7 colours (violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red). Each of these colours has a distinct healing affect on the body, often associated with the glands/chakras/organs in a particular body region. The other, non-visible light also has its affects on the body. Research in this area is relatively young, but proves that unknowingly we are physically and mentally subject to all the light energies from the Sun, be they positive or negative.

Up to a few years ago the functions of the Glands in our body were relatively unknown, especially the Pineal Gland located at the base of the skull. Now research has found that this Pineal gland being photosensitive, is activated by the light coming through the eyes. It regulates the body clock and affects the body in many direct and indirect ways. With no light, this gland secretes Melatonin which induces sleep, increases blood sugar, increases food craving and leads to obesity, fears and anxiety. When the Pineal gland is exposed to light it produces the hormone seratonin which stimulates other glands to lower blood pressure, increase body metabolism and create ‘endorphins’ which help our mental moods.

Sun light also helps in the synthesis of Vitamin D, which is becoming more prominent in the treatment of diabetes, heart ailments and bone disorders. To have a more thorough scientific understanding of the benefits of sunlight read the handouts: