Greatness of sun

Greatness of sun

Since the beginning of this Universe the Sun has been there sharing its light and warmth on all. It is our visible God, who without fail supports us each and every day

Historical background

The importance and majesty of the sun has been found in all cultures from time immemorial. The Egyptians, Babylonians, Aztecs, Indus valley civilization, American Indians, Greeks, Romans etc – in fact all great civilizations have honoured, respected and even adored the Sun for it’s importance to their life. Most of them knew and practiced the curative, healing benefits of the Sun.

Importance of gratitude

When we think deeply about the Sun, we will all acknowledge our dependence on the sun. This realization allows respect and gratitude to flow, for without the Sun we would not, could not be. Our entire lives are dependent on the life-giving energy of the sun. This feeling of gratefulness brings in humility which annihilates the ego. Ego is the root cause for most of our problems in life, mental as well as physical. It prompts us to feel important, more valuable than the next person. It promotes pride, arrogance and indifference. It gives us the false identity with the body and our possessions. Humility and reverence helps to dissolve this ignorance of Ego bringing us closer to Truth, Spiritual effulgence, God. Without getting rid of ego through humility via gratitude, our life is burdened with one problem after another and we cannot experience peace or love.

Why be grateful to the sun?

All of life is dependent on the sun and its light:

  • Everything in our Solar System is dependent on the Sun. All the planets maintain their orbits around the Sun. It keeps and maintains order in the Universe
  • Without the sun we would be in utter darkness
  • All of life would be frozen as the sun provides the energy of warmth and heat.
  • We could not tell time, as the sun demarcates days by light and darkness. Sun is the Marker of Time.
  • Even seasons would not be, as they unfold by the earth’s proximity to the Sun.
  • There would be no water – as water is a product of rain, which is a result of the sun evaporating our water-bodies (oceans, seas, lakes, tanks, etc.) into clouds spreading rain throughout the earth.
  • Without sun, activating photosynthesis in all plant life, there could be no growth of plants, no flowering, no fruits, no grains – no food for us!.
  • All our food, be it from vegetable or animal sources is dependent on the sun.

What additional benefits does the sun give?

Sun provides the world with Energy
Solar Energy is renewable, clean, non-polluting and safe.

The Magnetic field of the earth is there because of the Sun.
The Sun creates this continuum beginning from North Pole to South Pole. This also enables us to know directions.

The Sun motivates all Jivis
Being the Marker of Time it motivates all our actions right from waking up from sleep to doing activity (work) during the daylight.

The Sun balances the Energies in the body
Ayurveda teaches that all diseases are caused by the imbalance of Vata , Pitta and Kapa which the sun regulates.

Surya destroys negative thoughts and thinking. It cleanses and purifies our mind.

The Sun – as Jathar-agni (digestive fire) allows us to digest the food we consume.

The Sun is the vegetarian’s natural source for Vitamin D
This “sunshine vitamin” is so necessary for the proper health and maintenance of strong bones, balancing Calcium and Phosphorus. It prevents Rickets in children and Osteoporosis in adults. As well as decreasing the chances of Colon Cancer.

The sun is also our greatest guru (teacher)

The Sun is the Great Sacrificer – Thyagi
In order to bring us light, heat and energy, He kills Himself with each and every burst (explosion) of light on His surface. It literally sacrifices itself to give us life.

The Sun teaches us what is detachment
It never anticipates or demands praise or glory or reward. It is always giving regardless of our feelings or attitudes about Him.

The Sun is totally impartial
It does not discriminate between rich and poor, man and woman, Saint or Sinner, Hindu – Muslim – Christian – Jew. It equally shines on all: It is pure Love – impartially for all.

Sun teaches us about the importance of doing Duty
Each and every day, without fail, the sun rises. It never gives any excuse to dodge its duty saying that it is sick or has to attend to family functions. There is never any excuse. It comes each and every day.The Sun shows us about punctuality.
It rises each and every day like clockwork at the same time. It doesn’t come late due to traffic, getting the kids off to school or waking up late due to a late night party.

Sun represents Wisdom – Truth
When everything is seen in the proper light we know its reality. We can separate the real from the unreal. In darkness or dim light we may mistake a rope as a snake causing fear, tension and anxiety in the mind. But once full light illumines the object – truth is revealed, peace and calmness results.

Benefits of More Sunlight:

Energy increases while eating less food

As cells utilize Light directly for production of energy

Weight Loss

Pineal gland secretes serotonin which activates Thyroid and Pituitary glands to increase metabolism of fats.

Diabetes and Addictions (sugar & alcohol)

Vitamin D and calcium stimulates the Pancreas to secrete insulin which lowers blood sugar

Skin – improves circulation, wound healing

Light produces Vitamin D3 on skin (solitrol) which helps nervous system, muscular system and immune system

Bacteria Killer

Sun stimulates production of Keratin which protects against germs and injuries.

Blood – increases Oxygen & nutrients to cells

Light prevents clumping of blood cells allowing more Oxygen and nutrients to be carried to tissues

White blood cells increases immunity

Light stimulates production of White Blood cells and T cells which help in defending against body infections and prevents reproduction of virus

Toxic chemicals in body are removed quicker

Light increases enzymes to metabolize toxic chemicals up to 10-15% faster.Builds up trace minerals Light helps to metabolize and utilize important trace minerals, such as Copper, Manganese, Nickel

Exercise – quicker recovery

Lowers pulse rate, improves cardiovascular fitness by 20%, removes lactic acid from muscles, & increases Oxygen absorption.

Childrens benefits

Students exposed to more sun = 50% less colds, more concentration, and less discipline problems


Greater calcium absorption which makes bones stronger

Cholesterol decreases

By 50% in skin and 9-10% in blood. No light=Squalene is converted to Cholesterol, with light to Vitamin D.

Lowers BP

Sun brings down blood pressure.

Arteriosclerosis – improves heart, blood supply

Lowers EKG, improves blood profiles, protects against hardening of arteries.

Arthritis – removes more uric acid from system

Reduces joint and muscle cramping, stiffness & pain.

Sex hormones increases

regularizes menstrual cycle for women and stimulates testosterone production for men

Lowers Breast Cancer risk

Prevents calcification of Pineal gland which is linked to greater risk for cancer

Better Moods

Decreases secretion of adrenaline and noradrenalin which cause stress. Sunlight releases endorphins the “feel good” hormones. Sunlight prevents and cures SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorders)