How did it develop?

The history of UBI therapy goes back to the discovery of ultraviolet radiation therapy by Dr. Niels Finsen in the 1880’s. He didn’t actually use it this way, he only discovered the potential. One of the pioneers in this form of therapy and the man who developed the equipment from which the current equipment is copied is Emmet S. Knott. In 1928, he irradiated blood from the first human subject – a case of sepsis (blood borne bacterial infection). This patient recovered rapidly. Together with Dr. Hancock, they presented many successful cases treated to a local medical society in Washington. The first article published on their work was in 1934.Case history

By June 1942, 6,520 patients had been treated with ultraviolet therapy. It worked in over 95% of the cases without any harmful side effects – a difficult concept to accept, knowing the harmful effects of current therapies of all sorts.

All of this marvelous work was done before there was any understanding of the immune system. Thus, they made a monumental breakthrough in therapeutics without any understanding of the mechanism. The process of performing this therapy is almost the same today as it was then.