How is it applied?

The procedure is disarmingly simple, safe, and effective against a broad spectrum of viruses and bacteria. Only a maximum of 5% of the patients blood is treated over a 20 minute period using the accepted therapeutic UV band of light waves. The effect on the blood which is treated spreads throughout the body and clinical improvement is ordinarily rapid. The device itself is safe, non-toxic, easy to apply, and uses no drugs. Photoluminescence is a viable and effective treatment option for many diverse medical conditions.

Ultraviolent blood irradiation produces a rapid detoxifying effect with waning of toxic symptoms. The concentration of venous oxygen is increased in those with depressed blood oxygen values. There is a rapid increase in resistance to both acute and chronic viral and bacterial infection and no harmful effects have been observed. Diseases which have been successfully treated include viral infections, hepatitis, bacterial infections, hypoxemia, and many others in the category of blood-bourne infections. Three to five treatments usually inactivate most viruses. There is no risk, hazard or pain to the patient.